In Our Time

by Daylight Worship

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In Our Time is the most ambitious project from Daylight Worship to date. Recorded over 18 months, Daylight Worship took their time to create a meticulously crafted project that sought to satisfy their own creative and musical longings as well as those of their listeners. Primarily a worship band, Daylight Worship (comprised of brothers Jeremy and Ben King, and long-time friend Jacey Davison) poured their heart and soul into their latest musical offering entitled In Our Time.

The title track is both a prayer and a cry to God that He would bring revival in our day. This theme resounds throughout the album, a wake-up call to the church to walk the narrow road, keep their eyes fixed on Jesus, turn from their compromise, and give all glory and honour and praises to Jesus forever, calling on heaven to come here, to awaken our lives to worship, knowing that Jesus is the same, only He can raise the dead, His love reaches far, and it's His plan to make us like He is.


released August 11, 2015

Daylight worship is: Jeremy King, Ben King, Jacey Davison

Songwriter: Jeremy King
Co-writers: Jacey Davison, Ben King
Song Arrangers: Jacey Davison, Ben King, Jeremy King

Executive Producer: Jeremy King
Producer: Jon Vez
Co-Producer: Jacey Davison
Recording Engineer: Jon Vez
Additional engineering: Jacey Davison
Mixing Engineer: Jon Vez
Mastering Engineer: Mike Cervantes

Lead vocals: Jeremy King
Backing vocals: Ben King, Jacey Davison, Shelby Velasquez
Acoustic guitars: Jeremy King, Jacey Davison
Bass guitars: Ben King, Jon Vez
Electric guitars: Jacey Davison, Jon Vez
Additional electric guitars: Matthew Mattzei, Brandon Peterson, Brendan Torok
Dulcitar: Jacey Davison
Keyboards & Synths: Jacey Davison, Jon Vez
Drum Programming: Jon Vez, Jacey Davison
Acoustic drums: Jared Schulz, Jon Saldanha
Additional percussion: Jacey Davison, Jon Vez

Album art: Daniel Roe


all rights reserved



Daylight Worship Vancouver, British Columbia

From the suburbs of Vancouver, brothers Jeremy and Ben King and long-time friend Jacey Davison have been recording music and leading worship for the past ten years. Through a long-time partnership with producer Jon Vez, Daylight Worship has recorded and released 2 albums and 2 EP's. Their newest album In Our Time is the culmination of a year of recording and is their finest work to date. ... more

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Track Name: We Will Follow
(verse 1)
The narrow path is calling
But we know the voice of the one who is waiting
Jesus Christ our prize
Sanctified through suffering We know a love that’s stronger than death’s sting
Jesus Christ alive

Broad is the way
The way of rebellion
But you’ve called our names
To walk as your children

We will follow You
We will speak Your name
Let sinful hearts be saved
Let broken lives be changed
We will follow You
We will testify
Let dry bones live again
Let what was dead arise

(verse 2)
Trials test the faithful
But we have a hope that’s eternally stable
Jesus Christ inside
Though we fight against sin
The debt that we owed is completely forgiven
Jesus Christ alive

We will go where You send us
We will follow You Jesus
We respond to Your call
We will follow You Lord
Track Name: Keep This Fire
(verse 1)
Yesterday You sustained my soul
You haven’t left me Lord
In my pain You remain my God
You haven’t left me Lord

You daily lift us up
You’re the God who saves
You’re the God who saves us

Keep this fire burning in my heart
Stir desire to see Your kingdom come
Light the way for my wandering heart
Keep my eyes fixed on Jesus

(verse 2)
Tomorrow waits I will stand secure
I will obey Your word
Through the storm I will carry on
You make my heart endure

You’re the rock I’ve built my life on
When the waves come down
Your goodness carries me on
When the storms come in
I’ll find my rest in Your love
For You lift us
Track Name: Jesus Christ
(verse 1)
There is a name by which all can be saved There is a way that leads us to hope and grace

There is a way
There is a name

Jesus Christ our hearts cling to Your great love
Knowing nothing comes between us
Jesus Christ Your sacrifice was more than enough Knowing nothing separates us

(verse 2)
There is a face that shows us the truth of God Look in His eyes and turn from your compromise

No height nor depth nor anything at all
Can tear our hearts from Your great love
No power of hell nor evil thing
We are safe in Your great love
Track Name: More Now Than Ever
(verse 1)
Hearts free in the mercy of Jesus the king
In the love of the Saviour of all
Hearts free
Feet dance in the presence of God over all
In the light of the kindness He’s shown
Feet dance

Every nation under heaven in Christ can be forgiven And light comes through the darkness dissolving our weakness

More now than ever
You can hear the song of our savior’s praise
You can hear the sound of His children
Singing the song of His grace

(verse 2)
Tongues sing
Of the beauty of Jesus the Lord
Of the peace that through faith can be yours
Tongues sing
Hands love
In response to the things He has done
Imitating the life of The Son
Hands love

All glory, all power
Our praise is for Jesus forever
All glory, all power
Our lives are for Jesus our saviour
Track Name: It Was In Your Heart
(verse 1)
No one can hold back Your hand
No man can thwart Your plan
You do as you please with the people of the earth
All You do is just and good

(pre-chorus 1)
You were right to cast us aside
But Your delight was in Your son
Who came to heal the broken one

It was in Your heart
To pour out mercy
It was in Your heart to save
It is who You are
To pour out mercy
It is who You are to save

verse 2
You are the living God
Forever your kingdom reigns
You rescue and save the people of the earth
All You do is just and good

(pre-chorus 2)
All of us like sheep have gone astray
Turning away to live in sin
You have placed your wrath on Him

All we deserve is to be punished with the world
But justice was served when Christ's blood was spilled
For the humble one
Mercy triumphs
Track Name: Heaven Come Here
(verse 1)
Let Your kingdom come in all the earth
Let Your will be done Holy Father
Let Your name be known
Send Your presence Lord

Heaven come here
Let our hearts know You’re near
We cry more of Your kingdom
More of You Jesus

(Verse 2)
Let Your peace extend in all the earth
Let your joy settle Holy Father
Let Your name be known
Send Your presence Lord

Let our hearts know Your truth
Let our tongues sing of You
Let our boast be in Christ
Let our lives testify

(pre-chorus 2)
Let Your name be know
Send your presence Lord
Let your glory fall
Come and fill our hearts
Track Name: In Our Time
(verse 1)
Storms come
Many turn and run away
From the only God who saves our feet from drowning in the waves Death comes
Many turn aside in pain
From the one who breathes upon our bones and lifts us from the grave

We return Lord
Stir within our hearts
In this hour
Show us who You are

In our time resurrect our hearts
Lead us Lord to where You are
In our day intersect our path
Lead us Lord to where You are

(verse 2)
Men fall
People question all that's good
Turning from the truth of who You are
To what they've understood
Waves crash
Only what is strong remains
Leaving those still standing firm on grace
Who've built upon Your name

Awaken our eyes
Our lives to worship
Track Name: He Is The Same
(verse 1)
He is the same today
Still has power to save
Still makes the dead alive
Let all the living testify
He is the same today
Still has power to change
Still opens up our ears
Let all who hear proclaim

In His face we see
Forever the glory of God
In His face we see
Forever His heart for us

(verse 2)
He is the same today
Full of grace and truth
Meeting us in our sin
Let the forgiven worship Him
He is the the same today
Bringing the weary close
Filling the hungry soul
Let all the dying come to know

Be praised
Let every heart know
Let every knee bow down
To the Lord of all
Track Name: Only You
(verse 1)
When we were powerless
When sin ruled over us You came
When we were powerless
When death reigned over us You came

Only You can raise the dead
Only You can save us from our sin

(verse 2)
When in rebellion
When we were evil men you came
When in rebellion
When we were running Lord You came

When the city cries
Where is God tonight
Let Your light shine
Let Your light shine
Track Name: The Love Of God
(verse 1)
You saw a veil
As your climbed the Hill
Shining eyes
As they pierced Your side
You saw her clean
In Your suffering
A holy bride
As You gave Your life

For the love of God reaches far
The love of God is strong enough
For the weight of our sin was carried away
Hold fast to the Lord of grace

(verse 2)
You saw her close
As You walked alone
Clothed in white
As they stripped Your robe
You saw her joy
As You hung in shame
A heart alive
As they cursed Your name
Track Name: Look To The Cross
(verse 1)
I have tried to make myself see
I have tried
A veil of self hangs over me
I have tried to make myself free
I've fought hard
Only to discover I'm weak

So I look to the cross
And I find my debt is paid in full
I look to the cross
I see the fight is won
You saved my soul

(chorus 2
I've been freed by the cross
From my sin for Your glory
So i look to the cross

I know it's Your plan to make me like You are
Not like us You finish what You start
I know it's Your plan to make me shine
And cause You're faithful to Your bride
You will turn this darkness into light

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